Open Class

Welcome to Open Class at the Utah County Fair!
We invite Open Class entries from anyone who is a resident of Utah County, but not a 4-H exhibitor.
There is no fee to enter items into the fair.

Registration is Now Open! Click Here to Pre-Register.

All items to be exhibited must be pre-registered online at the fair at the date of entry. Please note that pre-registering will save you time when you bring your exhibit to the fair. Please bring all entries to the Tennis Building at the Spanish Fork Fairgrounds, 475 S Main St., Spanish Fork, UT.

Check-In: Wednesday, August 4, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Check-Out: Saturday, August 7, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm only
If you are unable to pick up your exhibits, there will be a $25 handling fee to transport each item back to the Utah County Building.

Articles can be entered only by the owner or producers, and any attempt to perpetrate a fraud by misrepresentation will bar the specimen from the competition. Any item eligible for entry should be entered in its appropriate class. Entries may be made by Utah County residents only. Management reserves the right to reject any article offered for exhibit simply as a means of advertising, or that is deemed unsuitable for family viewing.

Exhibitors must attend to the delivery, in person or by agent, of articles for exhibition to the Utah County Fairgrounds, Tennis Building, for check-in. All exhibits, when assigned space, become subject to the control of the Open Class Supervisor and shall remain in place until August 7, 2021, unless by action of the Utah County Fair Management.

Judges will be selected with care to ensure fairness and professionalism. There will be no attendance by exhibitors or the public during the judging of the exhibits at the fair. No judges will be allowed to exhibit in the department in which they act as judge, or in which they may be directly or indirectly interested in the result as owner, agent or otherwise. Judges must avoid contact with exhibitors and will refuse to hear the merits or demerits of any exhibit.

All entries must remain at the fair until Saturday, August 7, 2021 at 6:00 pm. Check-out is between 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm only. Removal of exhibits before that time will forfeit awards. If there is an extenuating circumstance please text Mike Duffin (Fair Co-Chairman) at 801-376-7228

Utah County Fair management reserves the right to remove any exhibit that may be falsely entered or deemed unsuitable or objectionable, without assigning reason, therefore. Utah County Fair management, through its officers and with the aid of security personnel, will use diligence to care for all property placed under its charge. However, it is expressly understood that it will assume no responsibility for injuries or losses from any cause.

Utah County Fair management and the Fair Directors reserve the final, absolute right to interpret these rules and regulations and to settle or determine all matters, questions and differences in regard there, or otherwise arising out of, connected with, or incidental to the fair.

Elaine Hansen - Open Class Supervisor -

Check-In: Wednesday, August 4, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm
Check-Out: Saturday, August 7, 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm ONLY.

All entries must remain on exhibition for the duration of the show and cannot be removed prior to Saturday, August 7th at 6:00 pm. If you are unable to pick up your exhibit, there will be a $25 handling fee for each to transport them back to the Utah County Administration Building.

Registration is Now Open! Click Here to Pre-Register.
You can pre-register your items ahead of time, (see the pre-registration link above), or register in person at the Utah County Fairgrounds, Tennis Building, on the date of entry. There is no fee to enter items in the fair. Please note that pre-registering will save you time when you bring your exhibit to the fair.

All articles exhibited must be the sole work of the exhibitor and have been completed in the last two years. Entrants are limited to residents of Utah County. No previous entries in the fair can be re-entered.
Fair personnel will exercise reasonable safety and handling precautions. However, the Utah County Fair will assume no liability for any loss. Exhibitor may enter only one article for each category listed under each division. Exhibitor should prepare all items to hang that are intended for hanging. Loose parts must be securely fastened together to withstand handling and examination. The purpose of the Fair is to celebrate our citizens and their creative efforts as opposed to professionals.

The Utah County Fair reserves the right to reject any entry not deemed suitable for family viewing.

Because of the unprecedented challenges in planning and organizational time due to the Covid-19 restrictions up until recently the OPEN CLASS portion of the Utah County Fair is extremely reduced. We will expand offerings for next years' fair as our planning begins immediately following the 2021 Fair.
*There is no premium prize money for ribbons this year.

We are ONLY ACCEPTING items in the following Divisions this year:

CREATIVE ARTS: Needle Arts, Ceramics, Dried or Silk (plastic) Floral arrangements and Wreaths - NO fresh flowers due to excessive heat this summer.

VISUAL ARTS: Painting (Oil, Acrylic, Water-color, Pastel, Other) and Sculpture (Bronze, Porcelain, Glass, Other - must be original).

CLOTHING hand-made and Handiwork: Adult Clothing, Children's Clothing, Infant Clothing, Special Occasion Clothing, Doll Clothing and Costumes.


NOT ACCEPTING at this year's (2021) Fair
  Woodwork or Wood Carving
  Models: Working, Original, or Replicas
  Beadwork or Jewelry
  Decorative Painting
  3-D Printing
  Foods and Canning (NO Fresh, Dried, Preserved, etc.)
  Graphic Arts

  CLASS 1: Adults 13+
  CLASS 2: Youth 12 and Under
  CLASS 3: Special Needs

In the Adult and Special Needs Class there will be given a First, Second and Third Place ribbon and cash prize. FIRST Prize receives a BLUE ribbon and $30, SECOND Prize receives a RED ribbon and $20, and THIRD prize receives a WHITE Ribbon and $10. In the Youth Class the ribbons will remain the same but the prize amount will be $20/$15/$10. These will be available to our winners when you collect your entries on Saturday, August 7, 2021, between 6:00 and 9:00 p.m.

There will be a BEST IN SHOW AWARD (One for each of our Divisions/Categories) Best Needle Arts, Best Ceramic, Best Floral, Best Painting, Best Sculpture, Best Adult Clothing Item, Best Children's Clothing Item, Best Infant Clothing Item, Best Special Occasion Clothing Item, and Best Quilt. This is truly our "Best In Show". The age of the recipient does not matter. This will not be based on Age Classes only on the quality of the Entry. Each of these winners will receive a prize of $50.00.

Needle Arts:
  Crochet - Knitting - Tatting
  Embroidery - Needlepoint - Smocking
  Weaving (Not to exceed 4 x 6 ft)

Ceramics:  (For information/clarification contact:
  Hand-molded clay pottery
  Glaze and Under-glaze

Floral: (NO fresh flowers please!)
  Artificial Arrangements: plastic or silk
  Wreaths: Corn husks, Pinecones, Grapevine, Dried Flowers

  Painting: Oil, Acrylic, Water-color, Pastel, Other
  Sculpture: Bronze, Porcelain, Glass, Other (must be original)

CLOTHING hand-made and Handiwork:
  Adult Clothing
  Children's Clothing
  Infant Clothing
  Special Occasion Clothing

QUILTS: *Note the change in ages per class.
  Class 1 - Adults 19 +
  Class 2 - Youth 18 and under
  Class 3 - Special Needs

Registration is Now Open! Click Here to Pre-Register.