Thursday August 5th • Friday August 6th • Saturday August 7th
Spanish Fork Fairgrounds • 475 South Main • Spanish Fork • Utah

Monster Trucks Friday August 6th • Demolition Derby Saturday August 7th

More Details Coming Soon!

Animal Care

Animals are at the heart of the Utah County Fair and their care and welfare are a top priority. Utah County was founded by pioneers who carved out towns, cities and farms from the high desert of the Great Basin. The Utah County Fair is a celebration of that heritage that is grounded in over a 125 years of tradition in agriculture. Even today Utah County remains the number one county for agricultural gross receipts in the state of Utah. The Utah County Fair is passionate and vigilant about animal care. During our annual fair, hundreds of animals take part in our various exhibitions, educational programs and competitions.

The Utah County Fair Livestock Show consults with professional veterinary advisors. We are committed to being proactive in the protection of the animals involved in the fair. This year we will involve animal care professionals more extensively in fair activities and will ask them to monitor and look at how any activity is impacting livestock care, stress, health and handling. We will work to create an open dialogue with all interested parties.

During the fair operating dates, the Utah County Fair we will endeavor to work with local veterinarians to monitor the well-being of all animals involved in the fair.