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Metric Conversion

Conversion Factor

The basic conversion factor mandated by Utah State Law is "one inch equals 2.54 centimeters" (UCA 57-10-10).

From that relationship we can calculate the number of meters per foot as follows:

2.54 cmin 12 inft 1 m100 cm = 0.3048 mft

To convert meters to feet divide meters by 0.3048. For example - convert 200 meters to the equivalent distance in feet as follows:

200 m 0.3048 mft = 652 ft

If you feel more comfortable using a multiplication factor rather than dividing, take the reciprocal of 0.3048 (10.3048) which gives you 3.28083990...ftm. You can use this number to multiply times meters to get feet.

200 m 3.2808399 ftm = 652 ft

Preserving Accuracy

Most distances measured in meters by land surveyors will be reported to an accuracy three places to the right of the decimal point. (ie 36.482 meters) This reflects millimeter accuracy. Some distances may be reported to two places to the right of the decimal - or centimeter accuracy.

After applying the conversion factor to distance in meters to get the equivalent distance in feet, you will notice that the digits to the right of the decimal go on forever (normally). It is not necessary (and may be misleading) to show the converted distances in feet to any more places to the right of the decimal point than the original metric distance. For example .001 meters is just larger than .001 feet but smaller than .01 feet. So if the metric distance is given to .001 meter, the converted distance in feet should be reported to the nearest .001 feet.

The following are examples of converted distances:1073.302 m = 3521.332 ft

73.910 m = 242.487 ft

103.22 m = 338.65 ft

120 m = 394 ft

To convert square meters to square feet multiply square meters by 10.7639 sq ftsq m.

For tax notice purposes you may wish to show metric distance and areas as they appear on the deed but show the equivalent conventional distances and areas in parenthesis next to them.